About Talents Development Academy

Talents Development Academy (TDA) is a pioneer in providing Vietnam’s next generation with talent training programs of the highest international standards.

TDA understanding that each child is unique with diverse abilities and interests, and they need to discover their potential with innovative educational methods. Therefore, TDA runs high-quality talent courses for children and young people, assisting them in transforming their raw strengths into honed talents. TDA believes that this is the best method to provide students with self worth, enabling them to take advantage of opportunities in the future, be ready to participate in society, and become top global citizens.


Students participated in Summer Camp 2022


Talent Classes held every summer


International standard academic and skill programs


Experts from both local, and international backgrounds


Of the learning time is for practice and practical experience


Learning spaces with modern equipment to STEAM standard

Letter to the future world's leaders

In an era and in any country, the young generation has always been the core for the development of the economy, culture, and society. In the context of technology and science, society is reaching beyond the limits of the human imagination. The more we see the power of knowledge and the importance of equipping the younger generation with the essential knowledge and skills to pioneer mastery, The more we see the power of knowledge and the importance of equipping the younger generation with essential skills to pioneer mastery, the more we will innovate new technologies to expand connections with the world, setting us on the journey to becoming the true owners of the future.

If technology is a solid launchpad to help us integrate into the era of extraordinary achievements from the 4.0 industrial revolution, then creative thinking and the ability to adapt and innovate will be a sure shield to help humanity to overcome all fluctuations. Together, they will help the young generation to constantly create new values ​​for the community.

Therefore, TDA sets itself a mission to become a solid launchpad for the young generation on the journey to conquering the dream of reaching out to the world and breaking all limits, breaking all boundaries to reach new goals.

TDA's Educational Philosophy

TDA is loyal to the educational philosophy of “Companion, Freedom, and Creativity”. Each teacher at TDA is a companion on the path to perfecting skills and knowledge for children. On that path, they are free to pursue their aspirations and develop their potentials with the creative spirit that TDA constantly encourages.

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Why choose TDA?


The program is designed by famous American talent training institutes


Flexible learning mode with a personalized and optimized learning path


Training focuses on practice, helping children to improve their capacity


Highly qualified and reputable experts and educators


Modern and advanced equipment according to international academy standards


The certificate helps to increase the advantage when applying for oversea study and applying for a scholarship to study abroad