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TDA’s “Self-Discovery in the Science World” course is built for students between the ages of 6 and 12. Students who participate in the program will learn science fundamentals while engaging in lessons that will stimulate their thinking and help them acquire the abilities they will need as they grow up. Plenty of interest is given to this subject due to its encouragement for students to think critically, gain new knowledge, and express themselves creatively, which is the reason for the course.

Course overview

Students aged 6 to 12 can enroll in the 6-week “Self-Discovery in the Science World” course, which includes age-appropriate modules and covers topics such as Natural Science, Space Science, and Job Experience. This course combines theory with the execution of space-related projects to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the subject while also aiding their teamwork skills, and capacity to complete ongoing projects. The course also includes English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Conventions, and Guided Oral Reading, which all aid students in developing their English proficiency.

Modules and Modes of study

Natural Science
Through this subject, students study and explore the natural world, and the occurrences, processes, and basic features of the entities, and activities within it. The topics covered in natural science are relevant to daily life, and help encourage students’ curiosity in learning and ignite their desire to discover more about the world we live in.

Space Science
Students gain a fundamental understanding of space and space exploration through this subject. They will use models and learning exercises to hone their creative problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

Job Experience
These sessions help students experience and put their understanding into practice through the role of emerging scientist or explorer. Through a trip to Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens planned as part of the course, the students will get to experience what it’s like to be a natural scientist.

English Program
The English Program is divided into a number of subjects in class as well as extracurricular activities. Through subjects such as English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Conventions, and Guided Oral Reading, students hone and improve their English ability in all four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

After school, engaging in sporting activities allows students to unwind and have fun while enhancing their fitness and health, and strengthening flexibility. Students will participate in two sports classes per week that include general development exercises, fundamental postures, motor skills, and exciting activities and sports games.

The curriculum of the “Self-Discovery in the Science World” course – Summer Camp 2023 will vary based on the level that corresponds to the age and ability of kids from 6 to 12 years old (from grade 2 to grade 5).

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Why choose us?
Flexible curriculum and modern teaching methods

The “Self-Discovery in the Science World” course at TDA offers an engaging curriculum through clear, comprehensible images created from real-world models. Along with using cutting-edge technology including VR headsets, telescopes, and other tools, students are able to create models of objects such as planets, rockets, and other spacecraft.

Clear roadmaps for English proficiency improvement for each level

Students at TDA will study a high quality English program to best improve their Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills at each level appropriate to the class and age, in addition to studying the key subjects according to the course’s topics. Thus, students will gain a strong foundation of academic knowledge and language proficiency to help them prepare for the upcoming academic year.

Diverse programs beneficial for students

Students will study a variety of sports in addition to academic courses to help them exercise their bodies and unwind after school.

Highly qualified teachers

TDA is home to international and Vietnamese teachers who have completed the highest levels of education, are committed to working with children, and have a full understanding of child psychology.

Who is the course for?

The course is for students aged from 6 to 12 who:

  • Wish to explore the natural world, space science, and carry out scientific experiments
  • Are interested in becoming an explorer, mathematician, astronomer, etc.

Talents Development Academy (TDA) is proud to be an academy with training quality that meets global standards. Students receive a TDA certificate upon completion of the course that not only attests to their efforts and talents, but also assists in the process of applying for study abroad and considering study abroad scholarships.

Course outcomes

Have a fundamental understanding of space science

Understand space exploration technology, know the features of celestial bodies in space, and gain familiarity with Earth.

Create basic celestial models

Manually create models of the moon, sun, and other planets, based on what they learn from class.

Acquire a wide understanding of spacecraft

Be able to design a spaceship and construct a simple model with the knowledge gained from class.

Improve self-confidence and teamwork skills

Develop the ability to give a strong presentation in front of classmates, and work in groups to achieve the best results.

Develop a healthy habit of physical activity

Develop good reflexes and dexterity, along with a habit of doing exercises, and physical activities after school.

Perfect English proficiency

With an additional English-language curriculum, students will enhance their Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing abilities in line with their age and ability.

Tuition fee
Study form Study time Tuition Fee

Study at TDA's campuses

  • 6 weeks/course
  • 35 lessons/week

19.200.000 VND

0938 058 748 - 0909 246 474
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