Hello Y1 – Pre1

“Hello Y1 – Pre1” is a unique program created for students aged from 5 to 6. The 6-week curriculum includes three core courses: mathematics, Vietnamese, and English, as well as additional disciplines such as sports, music, arts, technology, and extracurricular activities.

Course overview

With a wide range of activities, students are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Primary School learning environment and new learning techniques, enabling them to quickly acquire knowledge as they move to their next stage of life. The lessons are equally divided to ensure students’ learning and play time are proportional. Combined with that are trips and activities that develop personal skills and abilities. This gives your children an exciting and fulfilling summer of preparation for entering grade 1.

Modules and Modes of study

Mathematics and Vietnamese
The subjects help students practice reading and writing while also learning about natural numbers, alphabets, arithmetic, and basic maths. These fundamental skills will enable students to progressively adjust to new subjects and learning styles so they may rapidly become familiar with the curriculum once they begin first grade.

Outdoor Activities
This subject allows students to engage in a variety of activities, while learning about the world around them. They engage in both kinesthetic and intellectual activities while learning about possible future careers. These exercises will motivate students to study while having fun, to learn more rapidly, and to be more eager to learn.

Creative Music
In Creative Music class of Summer Camp 2023, students will be able to freely express themselves and their personalities in a world of music, with catchy songs and instrumental performances.

Visual Arts
In Visual Arts, students are given the opportunity to express their creativity and grow their imagination via projects like drawing, crafting, painting, cutting out creative designs, and more.

Students will be guided to familiarize themselves with computers, and progralms like MS Word, and MS Paint. The LEGO Education Wedo 2.0 also further expands their creative horizons. These activities will encourage students to use their imagination, practice making presentations, exercise their critical and problem-solving skills, and enhance teamwork skills in the classroom.

English Program
The English Program is divided into a number of subjects in class as well as extracurricular activities. Through subjects such as English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Conventions, and Guided Oral Reading, students hone and improve their English ability in all four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

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Why choose us?
Modern and friendly learning environment

State of the art facilities, in a learning environment that champions creativity.

A team of dedicated teachers

The international and Vietnamese teachers at TDA are highly experienced and dedicated to teaching and nourishing students.

Scientifically designed courses

The curriculum is designed to ensure the balance between study time and playtime, based on reliable research on the psychology of children in preschool and primary school.

Balanced curriculum

The curriculum combines activities that foster the development of skills and aptitudes to ensure students’ attention and enthusiasm throughout the learning process.

Who is the course for?

The course is for students aged from 5 to 6:

  • Those prepairing to enter grade 1
  • Those with the desire to acquire a foundational understanding of Mathematics, Vietnamese, English, and other topics including Sports, Music, Arts, Technology, and Extracurricular Activities
  • Those who whish to be to mentally prepared for the important leap from Kindergarten to Primary School
  • Those wishing to have a fantastic summer filled with enjoyable and stimulating activities
Chứng chỉ
Course outcomes

Become familiar with the Primary School learning environment and teaching strategies at first grade level

Be well prepared both mentally and academically, enabling the retention of knowledge while beginning a new learning phase

Develop communication and interpersonal skills with classmates and teachers

Nourish a love of learning and a passion for education

Tuition fee
Study form Study time Tuition Fee

Study at TDA's campuses

  • 6 weeks/course
  • 35 lessons/week

18.000.000 VND

0938 058 748 - 0909 246 474
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