Training Model to Approach and Improve Capacity

In today’s education, “how to teach” is as important as “what to teach”, because the right training method and model will contribute to imparting knowledge to learners effectively. Let’s explore the special features and advantages of the training model that the subproject is applying called “Model of training approach and capacity improvement”.

As the name suggests, this training model of TDA will focus on approaching, learning, and determining the available capacity of each individual learner, thereby “drawing” a portrait of each student about the interests, potentials, talents, and desires of each individual when coming to TDA. This will be an important foundation, an essential step for the team of experts and teachers of the TDA to build a flexible learning path and ensure its relevance and effectiveness in the process of developing skills, talents and promoting the strengths of each student. As a result, this training method will help perfect the capacity of each individual based on promoting and encouraging the potential and inherent qualities which arouse each person’s interest in learning and the desire to develop themselves.