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TDA’s “Self-Discovery in the Arts World” course of TDA is designed for students between the ages of 6 and 12. It covers topics in the art world, giving students the chance to become more imaginative and creative. As the arts become more popular, parents pay close attention as they not only make pupils happy but also help them develop spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially. They also nurture students’ artistic potential, foster creativity, and instill self-confidence, all of which are essential for helping children succeed in the future. For that reason, TDA has designed this course.

Course overview

Students aged from 6 to 12 can enroll in the six week “Self-Discovery in the Arts World” course, which includes age-appropriate modules and covers topics including Visual Arts, Ceramics, Creative Music, Dance, and Job Experience. This course provides students with the opportunity to express their creativity and discover their artistic abilities. Students will then advance their aesthetic skills and creative thinking while also enhancing their overall intellect and cultural sophistication. The course also includes English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Conventions, and Guided Oral Reading, which all aid students in developing their English proficiency.

Modules and Modes of study

Visual Arts
Visual Arts provides students with the opportunity to express their creativity and improve their imagination through activities such as drawing, constructing crafts, making imaginative constructs, painting, etc.

The art of ceramics has a lengthy history. Students discover intriguing facts about one of the long-standing professions at Summer Camp 2023, as well as manually make a variety of one-of-a-kind and personalized goods.

Creative Music
Summer Camp 2023’s creative music camp will enable students to freely express themselves and their personalities in the music industry with catchy songs and instrumental performances.

With Dance, students will practice elaborate dances made by TDA professors at this year’s art camp, as well as fundamental and advanced dance techniques. They will develop their memory, focus, capacity to remember, and knowledge with regular practice in this subject area.

Job Experience
Students will have the opportunity to take on real-world roles as Artists, Pottery Makers, or Music Performers through practical lessons. Students will get the opportunity to participate in hands-on pottery-making activities with genuine artists, curtesy of a trip to Nhan Tri Dung Amusement Park.

English Program
The English Program is divided into a number of subjects in class as well as extracurricular activities. Through subjects such as English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Conventions, and Guided Oral Reading, students hone and improve their English ability in all four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

After school, engaging in sporting activities allows students to unwind and have fun while enhancing their fitness and health, and strengthening flexibility. Students will participate in two sports classes per week that include general development exercises, fundamental postures, motor skills, and exciting activities and sports games.

The curriculum of the “Self-Discovery in the Arts World” course – Summer Camp 2023 will vary based on the level that corresponds to the age and ability of kids from 6 to 12 years old (from grade 2 to grade 5).

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Why choose us?
Flexible curriculum and modern teaching methods

The “Self-Discovery in the Arts World” course at TDA provides engaging material and first-hand encounters with fascinating and popular artistic themes. Through innovative teaching strategies appropriate for their age groups, students will be encouraged to be imaginative and self-assured in their ability to express themselves in order to develop and polish their talants.

Clear roadmaps for English proficiency improvement for each level

Students at TDA will study a high quality English program to best improve their Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills at each level appropriate to the class and age, in addition to studying the key subjects according to the course’s topics. Thus, students will gain a strong foundation of academic knowledge and language proficiency to help them prepare for the upcoming academic year.

Diverse programs beneficial for students

In addition to academic classes, students will learn a range of sports to help them exercise their bodies and unwind after school.

Highly qualified teachers

TDA is home to international and Vietnamese teachers who have completed the highest levels of education, are committed to working with children, and have a full understanding of child psychology.

Who is the course for?

The course is for students aged from 6 to 12 who:

  • Have a passion for arts, crafts, drawing, music, pottery, etc.
  • Wish to express themselves through artworks or confidently perform in front of the crowds
  • Wish to become an artist in the future

Talents Development Academy (TDA) is proud to be an academy with training quality that meets global standards. Students receive a TDA certificate upon completion of the course that not only attests to their efforts and talents, but also assists in the process of applying for study abroad and considering study abroad scholarships.

Course outcomes

Master the techniques of each art discipline

Students will hone the necessary skills in subjects such as Dance, Visual Arts, Ceramics, Creative Music at a level according to their age.

Perform well and understand their strength

At TDA, students have the opportunity to perform on stage and compete while they are still in school, promoting their talents and making them more outgoing in all social situations while fostering self-directed growth.

Develop a habit of physical activity

Develop good reflexes and dexterity, along with a habit of doing exercises, and physical activities after school.

Perfect their English proficiency

With an additional English-language curriculum, students will enhance their Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing abilities in line with their age and ability.

Tuition fee
Study form Study time Tuition Fee

Study at TDA's campuses

  • 6 weeks/course
  • 35 lessons/week

19.200.000 VND

0938 058 748 - 0909 246 474
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