4 Reasons Why Learning English is Important for Children

As the world around us evolves, learning a foreign language becomes a crucial skill that everyone must have in order to effectively integrate, communicate, and work wherever they are.. Among many various foreign languages, such as German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc., English remains the most popular due to its simplicity of learning, ease of practice, and the highest number of users globally. This is also a required foreign language for all schools in Vietnam, from primary to university. According to the most recent Ministry of Education and Training data, the country will have over 5000 English language centers by 2021, with millions of students enrolled.

In the following article, TDA will share with you the importance and benefits of English for learners, especially children.

1. English gives children more confidence when talking with foreigners

English is the official language of more than 53 countries and territories, mostly in the EU, and is the third most widely spoken language in the world (after Chinese and Spanish). Therefore, students will always be confident when speaking with foreigners anytime they have the opportunity to connect and communicate, as well as confident when traveling to other countries, etc., if they have a good level of English. Building self-confidence also helps children achieve more success as adults at work and in all relationships.

2. English opens up opportunities to study at top universities

When applying for admission or “hunting” for scholarships, most famous universities in the world have certain standards for students’ English competence. Good English skills will enable students to become international students and acquire incredibly desirable scholarships at the world’s leading universities.

3. English enables children to have access to and update the world's 'huge' knowledge repository


With over 1 billion websites now employing English, the internet is a never-ending repository of information for anyone with a strong command of the English language to exploit and efficiently utilize. Furthermore, popular software and the world’s leading social networking sites, as well as instructional materials from major universities, are written and utilized in English. That is the advantage of children who are proficient in English from an early age in obtaining important knowledge to improve themselves on a regular basis.

4. English provides numerous excellent career opportunities

Between two candidates with the same qualifications, 98% of companies will prefer the candidate who is good at English, and 95% of firms are ready to pay 30% more than the standard compensation for employees who know English. These figures demonstrate the importance of English in offering appealing prospects for a career and income for those who are fluent in a foreign language.

English is the most widely spoken language and plays an important role in education, career development, and everyday life, particularly as the country prepares to integrate into the global economy of today. Therefore, youngsters should always strive to improve their English knowledge and abilities in order to effectively invest in their own future careers.

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